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Our Estate Planning Services include:

  • Living Trusts - Included with our Living Trust Portfolio are the following:  Trust Overview, Living Trust, Certificate of Trust, Schedule of Trust Assets, Community Property Agreement (if married), Pour-Over Wills, Living Wills, General Powers of Attorney, Medical Powers of Attorney, Deed, Instructions on What to Do at Death, Funding and Support Documents. 

  • Wills - Some people do not need or want a Living Trust.  We also prepare Wills.  The Will can be simple or complex depending on the client needs.

  • Powers of Attorney - A General Power of Attorney gives your appointed agent the power to act for you regarding your assets if your are incompetent.  A Medical Power of Attorney gives your agent the power to make your health care decisions if you are unable.

  • Living Wills - A Living Will expresses your wish to not be kept alive by artificial means if your are in an irreversible coma or a permanent vegetative condition.

  • Probate - We do lots of Probate work.  Probate is the legal process of changing ownership of your assets at your death to your heirs.

  • Irrevocable Trusts - There are many types of Irrevocable Trusts.  These are trusts that are usually designed for specific needs such as estate tax reduction.

  • Asset Transfers - We can assist you in the transfer of your assets to your Living Trust while you are alive or in the transfer of assets at death.

  • Estate Administration - Upon death of incapacity of a loved one, there are certain administrative chores that must be taken care of by your representative.  We can assist in this process, making it easier for your family.

  • Family Limited Partnerships - For more advanced estate planning, we can help you with the creation of a Family Limited Partnership

  • Limited Liability Companies & Corporations - For those of you starting your own business, we can help you with the process of creating the proper business entity for you.